24 December 2012

Different this year

For the first time in a long time I do not have all these grandiose plans for the new year. I did not have plans to lose an outrageous amount of weight this break. I did not set myself up with impossible goals only to fall short and feel bad. I did plan on working out and wanted to lose some weight, but I really didn't have a number in mind. I wanted to start running again, and I basically have. I have been going to Crossfit every chance I can. And my eating has been okay. It's nice to actually have a break that I can relax and enjoy for a change.

On the notes of working out and eating, things haven't been going as well as I'd hoped. On Friday night we had dinner with friends. I did get Crossfit in then raced to dinner.Dinner was nice except I had a drink, lava flow, and ate some dessert. I did pretty well on the meal, it was grilled salmon on a spinach salad with balsamic dressing. Then I had a couple of bites of creme brulee for dessert.

Saturday that same friend was getting married and I just could not fit Crossfit in. That bummed me out but I mostly kept my eating in check. We had lunch after the wedding and I ate kalua pork, poke, sweet potato, smoked meat, and I drank only water. I did however indulge in dessert. A chocolate lava cake that was flourless and some ice cream. I found after Friday night, that I had a pretty bad headache. I hoped that eating well would help it. It didn't. So then I hoped sugar would help it. It didn't. I had to come home, take some aspirin and take a nap. Then I felt better. Yesterday I was really good and today I feel fine again.

This morning it will be Crossfit. Then off to lunch with the bride and groom and some more friends. I have to be careful today because we have a party tonight and I do not want to feel like crap for that. After tonight things should quiet down around here. I'm looking forward to just working out, working on school work, and relaxing.

So there it is. I'm actually feeling like a normal person, celebrating the holidays normally. What a concept.

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