22 December 2013

First Stop

Believe it or not, we only started shopping at Costco a few months ago. We had a Costco card and a Sam's card years ago, but every time we went we spent hundreds of dollars. So we stopped going. Then about a year ago we started going with some friends to buy meat. That proved to be such a huge savings, we finally broke down and got our own card. We have found grain-free dog food and biscuits, fish oil, coconut oil, etc. So now we are Costco fanatics. We go about twice a month and spend about a hundred dollars at a time. Not bad. There are some things we will not buy there no matter how cheap because it is just too much. I can't remember what it was, but it was way cheaper than the store, but I knew we would never use it all and where would we keep it???

This is where we are going today. I'm going to stock up on some things and tomorrow I begin my two week keto diet. It's not really a diet, I'm just tweaking the paleo. I want to get started today, but we have a Christmas party tonight so instead of beating myself up, I'll just wait until tomorrow.

Tomorrow also begins my workout blitz.
7:00 am - Olympic weightlifting
4:00 pm - Crossfit
9:00 am - Crossfit
4:00 pm - Running
7:00 am - Running
7:00 am - Running
4:00 pm - Crossfit
7:00 am - Olympic lifting
4:00 pm - Crossfit
8:00 am - Crossfit
Rest day

Then it repeats for the following week.

I also have a whole lot of school work to do. That I should be doing right now. Guess I'll get to it....

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