22 December 2013

First Stop

Believe it or not, we only started shopping at Costco a few months ago. We had a Costco card and a Sam's card years ago, but every time we went we spent hundreds of dollars. So we stopped going. Then about a year ago we started going with some friends to buy meat. That proved to be such a huge savings, we finally broke down and got our own card. We have found grain-free dog food and biscuits, fish oil, coconut oil, etc. So now we are Costco fanatics. We go about twice a month and spend about a hundred dollars at a time. Not bad. There are some things we will not buy there no matter how cheap because it is just too much. I can't remember what it was, but it was way cheaper than the store, but I knew we would never use it all and where would we keep it???

This is where we are going today. I'm going to stock up on some things and tomorrow I begin my two week keto diet. It's not really a diet, I'm just tweaking the paleo. I want to get started today, but we have a Christmas party tonight so instead of beating myself up, I'll just wait until tomorrow.

Tomorrow also begins my workout blitz.
7:00 am - Olympic weightlifting
4:00 pm - Crossfit
9:00 am - Crossfit
4:00 pm - Running
7:00 am - Running
7:00 am - Running
4:00 pm - Crossfit
7:00 am - Olympic lifting
4:00 pm - Crossfit
8:00 am - Crossfit
Rest day

Then it repeats for the following week.

I also have a whole lot of school work to do. That I should be doing right now. Guess I'll get to it....

The aftermath

The move is over, though the work will continue for quite some time. It was an interesting week or so. Let me recap: On Thursday, Aug 2...