Moving on

I was going to do a year in review thing, but I think I'll pass on that. I was just reading something about letting go of your past and I think I will do that. So instead of looking back, let's look forward. Not only do I believe things happen the way they are supposed to, I also believe that you get what you wish for, kind of like the secret - the energy you give out is the kind of energy you attract. So let us start the year with some really super positive energy.

As I said before, this year will be focused on me getting healthy. I have an appointment with the ortho in January and I start physical therapy too. So that will be my first order of business. Next, I have got to get this eating under control. After breakfast tomorrow, I am back on strict paleo. Strict Paleo!!!! I am going to keep it paleo today until dinner. Dinner tonight and breakfast tomorrow will be cheat meals - then that is it. That is the one thing I really struggle with, my eating. I know that working out will not lose the weight, and if I'm going to have surgery there will be long stretches where I won't be able to work out, so I have to get a handle on the eating. In fact, that will be my second major focus this year, as part of getting healthy. Oh, I like that. There will be lots of time where I won't be able to do anything about my shoulder and my knee, but I can do something about my eating every single day. Yes. I like this plan. So there you have it, this year is going to be all about getting healthy and well, in all aspects. Focus on the positive.


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