25 January 2014

I feel like I'm changing

There are a number of events that have occurred over the last week or so that really make me feel like I am changing. A while back I connected with an ex-husband on Facebook. I have not spoken to or even heard from this guy in over 30 years. We reconnected and I thought it would be cool. Wrong. Turns out his mental age is about 20. He posts these ridiculously stupid things, many of which are very degrading to women. Now I do not mind a joke at female expense, but these are horrible. I had to block him so that I wouldn't see that stuff anymore. All I could think of was, really? You are 55-56 years old and these are the things you find funny? Also, he's very condescending towards me and Crossfit. He doesn't know me. He has no idea what I have done in the past 30 years and yet he thinks he can tell me that I shouldn't be doing Crossfit? Sorry, that is an attitude of I know what's good for you, typical chauvinistic male. Nope, don't need it. I am smarter than most males around, so I do not need someone who doesn't know me telling me what to do. So while I'm still friends with him, I don't think there will be much interaction.

There are some other things too. Things I used to enjoy reading are no longer enjoyable. I'm not sure if the people writing them have changed or if I have. Since much of the writing is still the same, I can only assume that it's me that changed. So it seems to be time to drop some of these readings.

Change is good. I like change and am usually pushing for changing things. But the comfortable and familiar are good too. It's nice to read the same things everyday or connect with someone who knew you when. But it is wise to know when to move on. I can't change them, I can only change me. And that change is to stop interacting with people or things that no longer fit my life. Change can be scary, but it can also open up lots of new opportunities and adventures. So it is definitely time for a change.

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