10 April 2014

Baby steps

Here we are at Thursday. Tomorrow is Friday, and I will have made it through my first week back after break. That will only leave 5 more weeks of school. Oh, hell, yes..... I started the week with a lot of plans, and overall, I've stuck to them. But I think I went out of the gate too fast. I think I need to slow down and rethink these things. I started the week with the intention of doing my physical therapy twice a day, keeping the kitchen clean, staying on top of the money, being organized and efficient. Well, it was a good effort. I have managed to stay on top of the money, and I think that will be easy to keep going. I have managed to keep the kitchen clean and to clean up in the evenings. I have not managed to do my PT exercises twice a day. First my band broke (I've ordered a new one) then I got sore. Really. Sore. So I need to start that a little slower. Maybe I'll do them in the morning next week, then add the evening ones. I have not managed to hit Crossfit every day - see previous soreness - but I will return tomorrow. I have not gotten my clothes laid out every night, nor kept up the gratitude and workout journals. But I have made some baby steps and I consider that real progress. So I plan on keep doing what I'm doing, and add one thing at a time until it becomes a habit. There is no need to rush at all, this is a marathon not a sprint. Tonight I am tired, really tired. Time to get some dinner and chill.

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