25 June 2014

Day 2

Another pretty darn good day. Not perfect, but I'm not shooting for perfect, I'm shooting for liveable. So let's reveiw:

Food: had a hard boiled egg before Crossfit. Then eggs and hot links after. Lunch was a steak salad. Snack was cherries and a slice of sourdough bread. Dinner was broccoli, bacon, and sausage. That was it. Not bad. Could have done without the bread, but what is is.

Activity: Crossfit in the morning and by afternoon I was getting sore. Tried to work on my school work after breakfast but was so tired from a crappy night's sleep. Headed out to run a couple of errands. Tried to take a little nap but not so much. Worked on the costumes all afternoon. Did not walk the dogs because I was exhausted and it was raining on and off. Had dinner, watched some TV and went to bed.

Last night when I went to bed I started coughing, so as a preemptive strike I took some Nyquil. This stopped my cough and guaranteed a good night's sleep. Winner.

Going to have another great day today. Having dinner with some family that is in town and I bought a new dress at Ross's. Have to see how it fits and if I need to make any adjustments to it. I also have to finish some school work, it is due today. I can not put it off. Ugh, I hate this. With all this free time I have, why can I not get ahead of the school work?????

Okay, off to grab some string cheese and get ready for Crossfit.

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