17 January 2016

Making Progress

I am proud of the progress I am making. I am not perfect. I don't do everything exactly right every single time. But I find I am making better choices more often than not and that my dear, is progress. This morning I will be walking 4 miles as part of my Great Aloha Run training. Ugh!!! I really don't want to and I keep telling myself I can do it tomorrow because it's a holiday. But NO!!! I will do it today. Just sticking to a plan I made is huge. And not something I've been very good at lately. So I will go walk in a few minutes. I wanted to blog here first.

A couple things I've noticed that indicate things are moving in the right direction. Without getting gross, there were parts of my body I was having a hard time reaching lately. Not a huge problem, but a problem at certain times. Yesterday morning I noticed that it was much easier to reach those parts. Hmmm...Then again this morning, it was much easier to access those previously difficult parts of my body. So, progress. Also, in the mornings for the past few months, I've had difficulty getting out of bed. I would stand up and feel very unsteady on my feet. There were even points during the day when I would feel very unsteady on my feet. I hate that feeling. Anyway, the last couple of days I've noticed that I don't feel that as much. I'm still stiff, and slow to move in the mornings, but not near as unsteady as I was. Progress. Finally, the back stairs have been a bit of a nemesis since all these injuries began. Going down was the real problem. My ankles were stiff, the heels hurt, the knees were creaky, you name it. The last two days, I've been able to go down the steps quite easily. Progress.

I need to keep these things in mind when the going gets tough. It is not just about losing weight and getting lean, it is about being able to move easily in my own body. To do the things I want to do and to feel good doing them. I'm not going to be perfect all the time and things are not going to go perfectly all the time, or hardly ever, but progress can still be made. Progress can be achieved without being perfect and that is all I ask. As long as I keep moving forward, I will be happy.

Now, I'm off for a 4 mile walk, then a trip to Costco, then laundry and housecleaning. Sounds like a fun day, no?????

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