08 June 2016

Progress in 2 days....

So 2 days ago, I called myself out on my BS. Sometimes I need to do that in order to make forward progress. Well, it helped. Yesterday I got up and walked. I walked for an hour and half. I covered almost 3 miles. I went shopping at Ross's. It was amazing. I also walked the dogs yesterday for the standard 1.5 hours. That was great. Today I got up and walked. I walked for almost 2 hours and covered 3.35 miles. In the middle of that, I stopped at 24 hours fitness and did 20 minutes of intervals on the bike. I also stopped at Ross's and did some shopping (have to cut that part out) and went to Starbucks for breakfast. I will be walking the dogs again today, not sure if I'll be alone or with Hubby, but walk them I will.

Yesterday I also managed not to eat a bunch of crap. Yay me!!! I did have some donut holes after dinner, but that was it for junk. I'm so pleased and proud of myself. Now I have to go take a shower and then I'm heading to Kailua to look for some luggage at Goodwill. I may pick up a salad at Aloha Salads, I haven't had them in a couple of years.

Sometimes a good as* kicking is just what I need.

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