27 December 2016

Lazy couple of days

Started watching Devious Maids a couple of days ago and I've been hooked. Watched all 3 seasons that are on Hulu and now debating about buying the 4th season on Amazon. That's it, there won't be a 5th season. Too bad, it's a good show. Light, easy to watch. Doesn't take a lot of concentration or brainpower. Sometimes those kind of shows are nice. I did go to Crossfit again this morning - yay me!!! - and will be going tomorrow too. I want to go on Thursday before we leave too, just have to work out the details.

My traps are so freaking sore, it is giving me a headache. I know it's from the snatches on Monday and the fact that I am so seriously out of shape it is not funny. Hoping that by tomorrow it will be better.

Nothing else really. I've done absolutely nothing today and I'm okay with that. Tomorrow I have things to do. I have to get this house clean before we leave and I also need to plan some work on my dissertation.

That's it. I'm tired and will be in bed early tonight.

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