01 December 2017

Keeping moving forward

I've been at this AltShift lifestyle now for 4 months - or close to it. A few weeks back, I stepped on the scale. It was down 15lbs and I was over the moon. I mean insanely happy, ecstatic, nothing could bring me down happy. And that was bad. As I explained in another post, I felt that happy, almost invincible, and the deviations started coming fast and furious. I think I went one weekend where I had alcohol and ate off plan every single day. Actions like that are not going to keep things going. I understand why I did it. I haven't lost 15 lbs in years. Years!!! So the fact that I did in 2 months is just crazy. And the fact that I'm really not doing anything, walking, meditating, sleeping, and watching what I eat. So after that high, I did some mental work and got myself back in check. I've been following the protocol with a few deviations here and there, nothing major except possibly Thanksgiving, and I'm feeling amazing. Stepped on the scale again today and I'm down another 5 lbs. That is awesome, but it is not the defining moment of my day. I'm happy, but not over the moon about it. I like that I've continued to make progress even though I almost derailed myself. More importantly, I like how this way of eating is becoming easier and easier. I just naturally tend towards the things that are appropriate for this shift. I find that I just feel so much better physically and mentally that I want to do this. I like not feeling so stuffed after eating that I can't move. That happened on Thanksgiving and I felt just awful. I get full, but it's not that stuffed, can't move, can't breathe feeling. I have also lost my taste for sweets and I absolutely love that. A student offered me a KitKat, one of my favorites, and all I could think of was how it would make me feel. Yuck...

It's afternoon now. I just got back from a staff meeting (so fun). They served lunch, chicken salad sandwiches. I had some salad and some lettuce but no bread, no chips, and no cookies. I'm very proud of myself but not just for not eating them. I didn't even want to consider them. It was like they had liver out there, I just completely ignored that stuff without a second thought. That right there is progress.

I wanted to take a minute and lay out some good things that have happened as a result of this process. First, I'm fitting into clothes I haven't worn in over 2 years. Not only do they fit, but they fit good. That is amazing. Second, my energy level has gone through the roof. I have tons of energy. I rarely take naps and I just feel like moving. Third, I've rekindled my love of walking. I love to walk. Love it!!! And now I'm back to it. Fourth, my feet don't hurt as much. I know that I have the orthotics and those help, but it's not just that. My feet don't hurt when I walk. The bottom of my feet used to ache when I would walk for any length of time. Now they don't and that feels great. Things are not perfect. Not by a long shot. But the good definitely outweighs the bad and that is all I can ask out of life.

Okay, enough for now. I did take new pictures today to document my journey and here they are.

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