23 June 2018

Forward progress

One of the many, many things I love about AltShift is the mental part. We don't stop and start the program, we deviate and then get back on track. Kind of like taking a little detour. So if I'm on 3 shift and I have too much fat, I don't just throw everything out and start all over on 5 shift, I just make better choices the next meal and continue on the path I'm on. I like that because it doesn't feel like a failure. It doesn't feel like I have to start all over. Also, it doesn't allow me to put it off until Monday or next week or next month. It happens right away the next meal. So it truly is a slight detour because life's path is never completely straight.

So I started the summer with the intention of adding the gym to my workout routine. I even went for 3 weeks straight. But I wasn't getting my walking in and that bothered me. So rather than continue on the path I was on, I took a step back. I'm back to focusing on my walking. I walked every morning this week in the heat, and I feel great about it. Every day I've gotten over 8,000 steps and I've hit the 10,000 mark twice. That is a huge win for me when last week I had days that didn't hit 5,000. So I'm happy. So walking it is until every day is over 10,000. Easy. I'm getting there. And I freaking love walking. Love. It. I could walk for hours if the weather would cooperate. But that's okay, I do it.

In spite of all that nonsense, I'm still down .8 pounds. That's a little bit amazing. I know that I shouldn't focus on the number on the scale, I completely understand that. But when it has been a focus of most of your life, it's hard to let it go. Plus, I don't give it the weight (hahaha, pun intended) that it used to have. I use it as one more tool to see what's happening. That's all.

My body is changing. I can feel it and see it. I was going to list off the things that are amazing about my body but as I was doing it I realized that's not good. I'm going to focus on the parts I like and then what? Stress over the things I don't. No. That's not going to happen. My body is changing. I feel amazing. I love the way I feel and move and everything so how about we just leave it there.

It's gotten super hot here. It's been over 110 a few times already and it's only June. Ugh. I don't mind it now when I'm home on break. I spend a whole lot of time in the pool, but I'm dreading when I have to return to school. That will be miserable because I'm going to walk each day. Oh well, I'll worry about that when it happens.

That's it. Just a catch-up post. I see too many bloggers who stop writing and fall off the face of the earth. Not that anyone reads this, but I like to be able to look back on it.  Time to get my day started.

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