25 December 2020

Christmas 2020


Well, it's been a year. Thankfully that year is quickly coming to an end. I rarely say this, but it will be nice to have 2020 in the rearview mirror. Let's look at some of the things that happened in 2020: 

  • Australian wildfires - this is how we started the year, with the southern hemisphere on fire
  • Then Trump was impeached. That was a giant clusterf*ck and really just gave his rabid base more to cheer about. 
  • Kobe Bryant was killed in a plane crash. I'm not a basketball fan but he was young and seemed like a pretty decent guy overall. Also, his young daughter was killed with him. 
  • The Iowa Caucus debacle. Apparently they tried something new and it blew up in their faces and so that became the big story. 
  • Harvey Weinstein was convicted. What a scumbag. 
  • Covid-19, a worldwide pandemic started, and the US showed how truly idiotic our people can be. Businesses and schools shut down to try and contain it but the stupid people won and it has spread like wildfire through the country. 
  • George Floyd was killed and that started riots and calls for change in a system that is inherently unfair to people of color
  • The election was won by Biden but as of today, Trump has refused to concede. Trump has brought multiple lawsuits in multiple states trying to get the election overturned. His own party is starting to turn on him because he is an embarrassment. 
You get the idea. It was definitely a year to be done with. Well, here we are at the end of it and while the world and the country may have gone nuts, this blog is about me after all. 

It's actually been a pretty good year for me. Because schools shut down and I was 'teaching' from home, I had the time to take some classes that allow me to now teach dual enrollment. So that was good. I started working on my national board certification, which is something I've wanted since I started teaching. And we've spent a lot of time at home together. It's actually been pretty good I think. The dogs love having us around so much and honestly, I'd rather work with them than anyone else. So in a nutshell that was my year. 

One thing that happened is that I stopped posting in here. Over the past few years the posts have gotten fewer and farther in between. There are a lot of reasons for that, primarily that I've been working on changing myself and this blog had become a whiny place about what held me back. I would write about the same things over and over and nothing really changed. So I'd like to try and change that up this year. I really enjoy writing in here and I really enjoy going back and reading old stuff. I have much of the move here to Arizona documented in this blog. I have most of our move last summer here, but there is a lot missing. Anyway, I would like to start documenting things here again. It not only serves as a record of what happened, when I was getting the restraining order against the idiot neighbors in Hawaii, I used this blog as a record of when things happened. But it also is a great way for me to process things. I read some posts that have a lot of what we work on in SCI in them. I was way ahead of the game. So one of my goals for 2021 is to blog here 2x a month. Now to come up with some other reachable goals. 

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