12 May 2021

Gratitude Day 4

 Today I am super grateful for technology. I had nothing really exciting to do with the students for review until I read about a website last night. I spent the morning setting it up and it was a huge, huge hit. I used it in 2 classes and both of them were crazy for it. They asked to play the game over and over again because they had so much fun. So technology leads the list today. 

I am incredibly grateful that I didn't get sick the other day like I thought I was. I really kind of felt like crap and didn't want to get sick so close to the end of the year. Thankfully I didn't yay!!!

I am grateful for my pool. My favorite thing to do is come home from work, jump in the pool, and float around for half an hour or so. That is hands down the best way to relax and unwind from the stress of the day. I love it and I miss it during the winter 

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