03 November 2021

Habit trackers

 So for 2 days I have completed all the tasks on my habit tracker. Not a huge thing, but definitely a step in the right direction. I had gotten away from habit trackers years ago because they became a source of disappointment and a chance to beat myself up. I felt that if I didn't do everything on it every day I was somehow not a good person. I have since learned that is not true and I think my habit tracker has evolved. The things I have on it are things I want to do on a regular basis; stretching, reading, writing. These things are all good for my mental health and that really is the point. I fully realize that I will not become some magic person if I do these things for X number of days. I also realize that if I do these things on a regular basis it will help make me happy. Last night I was running a little later than normal. I came home and went for a walk with Mavy. It looked like he might want to do the canal and I was okay with that if he did. I figured some of my habits would probably get pushed if he did and still, I was okay with that. I can't be rigid, I need to be flexible. Things happen. But on the regular, these are the things I wish to do with my time. That's it, that's it right there. How exactly do I want to spend my time? Do I want to spend it lazing around feeling tired and unmotivated? Or do I want to spend it improving myself and my life? That is what it boils down to. I have read for 20 minutes as one of my habits and that won't change things very dramatically. But I know myself enough to know that if 20 minutes of reading becomes a habit, then 30 minutes is not that far away. Face it, I redid my entire front room because I want to read more. I need to make use of it.

So yeah, things are going well. Yesterday I found out that I won the Wishes for Teachers grant. That's $2500 to spend in my classroom. I'm excited. I want to get some new computers for our computer cart. It is so bad and those computers are horrible. I don't know exactly how it will work, but that is my plan. 

Alright, the timer is going to go off and I'm ready to get my day going. So doing all these things every day has improved my sleep and my waking. I sleep really well and wake bouncing out of bed ready to take on the day. That's how I want to live. With vitality and energy. 

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