07 November 2021


 So yesterday ended up being an interesting day. We redid the front room and have been waiting for Bob's Discount Furniture to get the electric fireplace we ordered here. It just kept telling us Mid-December. Well, the room is mostly done and it really looks amazing, all we need is the fireplace. So yesterday we decided to go to American Furniture Warehouse to see if they had one we liked in stock and then we could cancel Bob's and finally get that room done. First of all, AFW - OMG!!! What a place. They have tons and tons of furniture in all kinds of options. Love that place. Will probably always go there when looking for furniture. Anyway, after much looking we stumble across one that is similar in color to the bookcase and has barn doors. The salesman looks it up and there is a few in Colorado and they could have it here in a few weeks. Done, we're in. We buy it. Then we notice a fire pit patio table that is really, really nice. It was sitting outside so we sat at it for a few and talked about it. Finally decided to get it, so went back inside found our sales guy and bought it. Got it home and spent all afternoon putting it together but it really does look amazing out there. Much better than the handmade bar stuff that was there. Plus the firepit is just awesome. 

This story bears repeating for a number of reasons. I'm of the mind that if we are going to buy something that will be used for a long time, buy the good stuff. Spend the extra money and get some good quality stuff. Hubby on the other hand is usually of the mind to go for the cheapest. It's a battle we regularly have. Thankfully, he seems to be coming around. We have pretty much decided that this house is it. We are not moving again. So as we fix it up, I want to get things that are nice, good quality, and that we can live with for a long time. He is finally seeing the benefit of that. That patio table and chairs cost us over $2400 but he was okay with it because it will last for a long time and it looks good. 

I've discovered that I really enjoy decorating. I guess because I have the money and I know we will be in this place for a long time. All the other places we've ever lived we have either rented, which made it temporary, or we didn't have a lot of money, or we knew it was temporary. The Hawaii house we really couldn't do a whole lot with unless we planned on construction and we just did not have the money for that. Also, the entire time I lived in Hawaii, it felt like an extended camping trip. Seriously. The house was almost always wide open and all manner of things would end up inside so it always felt like we were living outside. Then the Lydia Lane house, we knew that wasn't forever so there was no real point in spending a lot of time or money on decorating knowing we were going to leave. This place though, completely different story. I love this house. I love this yard. I love this neighborhood. I love living here. I love everything about this place so I want to fix it up and make it really nice. And yesterday we took a huge step in that direction. 

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