28 December 2021

Details, it is all in the details

 So first thing is that I never got to the words part of yesterday's post. I was carrying on and on about my goals and my planner and all forms of other nonsense. I never talked about the words. 

In my distant past, I used to have a word that guided my year. They would come from a variety of sources and I'm sure if I read through this blog from the beginning I would find some of those words. I decided to go back to that this year. Especially since my goals are all very personal and generally habit based, I think a word to remind me would be good this year. So there is a guy that has a 7-day mini course that helps you pick your word and I started doing that. Yesterday we made a list of words that spoke to us and I'm guessing as we proceed through the 7 days we will narrow that list down to one. I actually think I know what my word will be, but I'll play along. When I get my word I'm going to put it in a lot of places. At my desk here and at my desk at school. In my planner. It will be where I can see it all the time to remind me. 

Back to my goals for a minute. So I read that book, Atomic Habits, and it really spoke to me. I have a great list of habits that I want to incorporate into my life and I haven't really done anything about them. One of the first things this book says to do is to make a list of your current habits - I haven't even done that. So today my goal is to get my list of habits down. I do have these goals and they are pretty solid, but I've made zero progress towards them since reading the book. In my defense, I have been sick with a head cold and that makes doing much of anything difficult. I am feeling much better today, so I think I will start working on how I'm going to incorporate these habits into my life. Because that's one of the things he says in the book, they need to be easy. If I can just have a plan in place before New Year's Day I will consider that a huge success. Because the devil is in the details. 

On another note, my Oculus is so much stinking fun. I didn't go to the gym yesterday because I sounded like I was going to cough up a lung, so I played on my Oculus for about an hour. Fun, fun. I boxed outside Petra and the Temple of Horus. I slashed to Lady Gaga. It was good fun. I was sweating and breathing hard when I was done. Yes, I know that it's pure cardio but I freaking love it. 

That's it. That is all I have today. So I guess I'm out. 

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