21 December 2021

Refining the goals

 I imagine this will take a few days to refine my goals down to workable things that I can live with. So here goes. 


This is obviously a biggee with me. Weight is something I've had an issue with my entire life and now that I'm getting older not just weight, but overall health is becoming more and more important. In yesterdays post, I listed a number of 'goals' that I had regarding health. As that information percolated through my brain during the day, I realized that I did that incorrectly. I listed like 4 'goals' I have when in reality I only have one real goal. That is to be able to do what I want, when I want without asking my bodies permission. That is my real true goal. The lens I want to see myself through is that of an active person who does lots of things. That's been my lens for a large part of my life, but these last few years I've let it slip. I want to be that lady that you see hiking all winter long. I want to be the lady that people say, crap she's how old?? I want to explore and see things, not sit at home and waste away. I want to live purposefully and not by accident. So that is my ultimate goal: 

To be able to do what I want, when I want without asking my body's permission. 

There it is. Pretty plain and simple. That implies living a pain free life, because if I'm in pain I won't be able to do what I want, when I want. I will have to consider pain. And I do not want to do that. Also, I think this is a little clearer and more solid than just saying I want to live pain free. 

Now, how do I get there? That's where what I wrote yesterday comes into play.  

  1. I must get my steps in every single day. No excuses. Right now I'm at 7,500 steps because mine count has fallen off so badly that if I went straight to 10,000 I'd probably be laid up for 2 days after. So the current goal is 7,500. Once I can hit those consistently, I will increase them until I reach the 10,000 a day. 
  2. The gym must become a part of my life. It just has to. I know from past experience that I'm not going to lose any weight without working out, so I just have to do it. I also bought an Oculus yesterday and plan on signing up for one of the workout things they have - maybe dance. That will help me get my steps in and move more. I did go to the gym yesterday and I pushed it a bit. I could feel that the weights were a stretch but I kept going. Now I'm starting to feel it today. 
  3. Nightly stretching and rolling. All that movement is going to make me sore if I let it. So to prevent that and to keep my body in tiptop shape, stretching and rolling are an absolute must. I currently have the hip opener challenge to do, I also have a lower back stretch coming up, maybe I'll look into that tonight. But this stuff has to happen every single night no matter what. 
  4. Finally, food. I have got to give up the junk food and get back on the healthy eating track. Now, this is last for a couple of reasons. The main being that if I can get the other parts in place, this will fall into place by itself. It really will. If I am getting my steps and working out and rolling/stretching the food will just follow. When I treat myself well, the food becomes a no brainer because then I don't want to put junk food into my body. So this only becomes the focus once everything else is in place. 
So leaving the food off the list, I need to work on getting my steps and getting to the gym. The stretching is coming along because it feels so damn good. So this week I'm going to focus on my steps and the gym. I hit 4,800 steps yesterday, today I shoot for 5,500. What I need to do is to check in on them during the day. I can't wait until 7pm and then see where my step count is. That doesn't work. So today especially, the focus is on steps. I went to the gym yesterday and I'm going again tomorrow. So that is a work in progress too. 

Okay, I feel good about this. I have a pretty solid goal and I know what I need to do to get there. Here's to another good day. 

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