26 February 2022

Bright Lines Eating

 It has been a while since I followed an eating plan and measured my food, but I'm about to start that again. One of the reasons that I left DMSC is that I no longer feel like it is meeting my needs. I don't want to be doing cold plunges and rucking every day. I think that some of the things he is 'prescribing' can be dangerous to older women in not great physical shape. Also, I listened to a podcast on cults and unfortunately DMSC was starting to hit many of the points about cults. And also, no offense to anyone, but I'm taking health advice from a man (that is one thing right there) who claims to follow the science and yet doesn't believe in vaccinations and listens to Joe Rogan. Yup, that's it, I'm done. It's almost like I've been in a kind of a trance, believing everything he was telling me. Then when he said something I disagreed with, it broke the trance and I'm like wait!! If that is wrong, what else is wrong. I guess it's easy to believe someone when they are saying what you want to hear, but as soon as the message changes, you wake up and start to question things. At least I do. So while I agreed with a lot of what he has to say, you have to be mindful and control your thoughts and not beat yourself up, he is starting to drift into territory that doesn't make sense to me. Also, I absolutely disagree with him about working out. The way he puts it, you should only walk and workout with weights 2-3 times a week. That does not do it for me. It just doesn't. While I don't want to do hours of cardio, I do need to do something that gets me moving every single day. Luckily I found something with the Oculus. There are workout programs on there that get me moving and grooving as often as I want to. I'm trying to do some of that every day to increase my activity levels in general. I don't want to do hours and hours of hardcore cardio, but I think that some is essential. Weights is also important, but 2 days a week makes it hard for me to build a routine. With the Oculus workouts, I am developing a workout habit. I've come home from school and done a quick workout a few days, that's awesome. So I need to work on increasing my overall activity levels but if I were to follow him, all I would do is walk, weights, and sprint once in a while. I'm good. 

Which leads me to my conundrum. I left DMSC, though I am still in for a few more days, but now what? I know that on my own I will go one of two ways, do nothing or do too much. So I needed to find a tribe that I could be part of to keep myself in check but also keep me moving. And then I listened to a podcast on eating. It was by the guy I follow for the hip opening and back challenges. He had a guest and she has a program and I have decided to give it a go. It's not crazy or anything - at lease it doesn't appear so yet, I have to do a calorie count to make sure that it's not super low in calories. And yes, it has some 'rules' or as she calls them, bright lines, that are hard and fast. But I think overall it's a good thing. First, no sugar and no flour. Done, that's what I immediately instituted anyway as soon as I got my labs back. Second, only eat at meals. That's something that DMSC pushed also and I think it's a good idea, not always easy to follow, but a good idea. By eating only at meal times you remove thoughts of food in between because you aren't eating. I don't remember what the other 'bright lines' are but I haven't really started it yet. The bright lines refer to lines in the sand that absolutely cannot be crossed. I like that. My mind works better with a clear boundary. I can eat that but I can't eat that. So I'm going to go spend some time reading the book today and kind of getting things in order so that I can start on Monday. I want to give it a real go and see if I can drop some of this excess bodyfat. 

Okay, the tree grew a long time ago, I'm off. 

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