28 April 2022

Funny how things come around

 On Monday I wrote a post about equanimity and how it was something I am working towards. Then yesterday I wrote about my troubles with my new Whoop. Well, there was no equanimity involved in figuring that thing out. None at all. I got it Tuesday and couldn't figure it out. When I went to bed Tuesday night there was no equanimity at all. I was ready to send the damn thing back. I told the support people to explain it to me like I was 5 because I could not understand what they were asking me to do. I was angry and I know when I'm angry that I get stuck. Once I'm angry, new thoughts are almost impossible. And so I keep thinking the same thoughts over and over and that tends to make me angrier and it's a vicious cycle. I put it aside, got a good night's sleep, while wearing my Whoop, and just decided to see what happens. Woke up yesterday and it did sync so all was good. Of course this morning it's acting weird, but I'm just going to let it be. I just looked at it and it should have synced when I got in range, but there is no data and it says the last sync was yesterday at 1pm. Ugh, I'm done. 

So this thing is most definitely built for real athletes, but I want to use it to make myself better. I want to make sure I'm getting enough sleep. I was to make sure I'm not overdoing it - something I have a tendency to do. I want to be healthy and in shape. 

Towards that end, I did a brain dump yesterday morning and it was interesting. I read some information that in a brain dump you should write down everything that is in your brain, big, small, insignificant, impossible, everything. So I did. I don't think I've done a true brain dump before. I've done dumps for specific things, but not a complete and total brain dump. It was refreshing and enlightening. A couple of things came out that I wasn't even completely aware of and that was surprising. But it was good. After I went through and highlighted things that had to wait until summer, things that I could do/start this month, and things that could be done this week. Of course, nothing will happen until Friday, but it was an interesting thing to do. I think I'm going to do that every Sunday for the coming week. 

Okay, time to go. 

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