30 April 2022

Switching up habits

Notes from the morning so I don't forget: 

So last night worked well. I stretched, then blogged, then read. It worked just fine. This morning also worked fine. I got up around 5:30 (not sure of the exact time, I will check tomorrow). I unloaded the dishwasher, made coffee, meditated, and then did a quick hit. It all took approximately 1 hour. Of course that depends on exactly what time I got up. So I will need to adjust my mornings just a little bit. 

Later that same night: 
What a day. I was sitting here typing the above paragraph when my phone rang. It was the furniture place to let me know that the delivery would be here in an hour. Okay, it was 6:30am when they called. So I woke up Hubby and we hit the ground running. We showered and dressed, then started moving the old furniture so there was room for the new stuff. We were trying to figure out what to do with the old stuff, it was big and heavy and going to be a bear to move. So the delivery truck got here and it was two young guys. They brought the new stuff in and Hubby asked them if they could move the old stuff to the alley. They agreed and we gave them $20 each as a tip. That was awesome. Hubby made breakfast and we were eating and deciding what to do the rest of the day. It was only 8:30 in the morning and our to-do list was done. While we were waiting for the delivery we used the paint samples we had gotten and tested them. They were not a whole lot different than the current wall color, but they did add a pop of blue. So we went to Home Depot and bought a gallon of each and all the necessary supplies for painting. A quick stop at Costco and it was home to begin the adventure. We immediately started taking things off the walls and clearing shelves and getting ready to paint. I taped up the ceiling and all the electrical outlets and we were off. We worked straight through. We painted 2 walls one color and then did an accent wall in a slightly darker color. It looks amazing. The new furniture is so much smaller than the old stuff and it makes the room look bigger. The new paint just adds a pop of color that really was missing before. It looks amazing. I'm so happy with that room. We just need a couple of pieces and it will be all done. We finished everything and had the house all back together by 3pm, but boy am I exhausted. So very, very tired. I'm sure I will sleep very well tonight. 

Then, when putting things back together we tried to remove a cable from the spaghetti that is our cable stuff and ended up taking out the wifi. So we had to put it back. I had contacted Cox about the slow internet and had such a horrible experience trying to get some help I just reached my limit. I've been wanting to get away from Cox and switch to T-Mobile 5G home service but have been waiting because they need to run a credit check and we are in the middle of a refi. That is something I need to document, the nightmare that is this refi. Anyway, the refi is taking so long and I just decided that I was done waiting. I called T-Mobile and ordered their equipment. As soon as it comes in I will figure out how to watch regular TV and we are done with Cox. I am over their bullshit completely. Even trying to get help is a nightmare. I'm done. 

Okay, I'm out of stuff to say so I'm going to let the tree grow as I head off to bed. 

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