27 April 2022


 I got my Whoop yesterday. I was very excited because it's a fitness band that you wear all the time and it tracks all kinds of things; sleep, recovery, strain, etc. I'm no longer racing or training, but I'm always interested in more data. Plus I would like to start pushing myself with hiking and working out and etc. So I got it yesterday and was so stinking excited. I got it charged up and ready to go and nothing. I can't get it to sync regularly with my phone and so I'm having trouble getting the data off of it. I've read all the stuff and contacted support and even posted in a Facebook group, can't seem to get it to work. Of course, as I'm sitting here I just had a bit of a thought, what if there is really nothing for it to get? I'm not doing a whole lot during the day, just teaching, what if it's not syncing because there is nothing to really sync?? It says that it needs 4 days to collect all the data to start making some recommendations and predictions about you, maybe it just doesn't sync much during that time as it collects data. I'm going to wear it for 4 day, today is day 2, and see what happens. I've gone crazy with the settings trying to find the settings they show me and just can't. I am usually pretty tech savvy and this is driving me absolutely crazy. But it has synced twice. I thought I was making it sync but now I'm thinking it did it on it's own. So I'm just going to let it go. Wait 4 days and if it's not working I'll just send it back. I've wasted far, far too much headspace on this last night. Time to let it go and see what happens. I did contact support and they seem to have ghosted me, unless the support person went to bed much like I did. 

I also got a new planner and I'm rather excited about it. I have discovered that I need to have plans and goals to make my day productive. I'm really hoping that this planner will help get me there. It's got spaces for daily goals and projects, plus places in the monthly section to plan those projects and goals. I'm going to give it a try. Sunday is May 1st and I think that's a great time to start. So this weekend I'm going to sit down and plan some stuff. I'm also going to develop a routine for using the planner. I have to sit with it every night and every morning to really get the benefit out of it. 

Okay, I have to go shower and get ready for my day. 

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