30 June 2022

More leg problems

 I've been down for almost a week with a sore left calf. I keep saying that it came on suddenly on Friday night, but was it really that sudden? I had done Supernatural - which always bothers that leg - and then I stretched. After that I sat on the couch and when I got up my calf was starting to tighten up. I, of course, tried to fix it and I think I only made it worse. Saturday I was in a lot of pain. I did go to Costco and walked funny and really slow - that didn't help. Sunday was sort of painful also. This whole time I kept trying to fix it by stretching and walking and doing PT exercises and massaging it. I could not just rest and let it heal. So I was in a lot of agony for a couple of days and then finally on Tuesday I said screw it. I'm done. I decided I would not continue to try and fix it and just let it run it's course. Yesterday I went to school to do some work - my room is a complete disaster - and I just hobbled around. My friend came by and was talking about her husband and his leg problem. His leg swelled up and they thought it was a blood clot. It wasn't, he's fine, but it got me to thinking. Could I have something like that - I know it was 5 days after the fact so probably not. But I had to Google it. I don't think I have that problem, but one thing I read was that if you strain or sprain a muscle, you should not massage it. Oh..... I didn't know that and had been massaging it 2 times a day for days. Okay, no massages. I had forgotten to massage it on Tuesday and so I didn't massage it yesterday. Today I woke up and it felt the best that it has felt since last Friday. I could walk normally when I walked Mavy. Sigh.... I now believe that I just might get over this. It is still sore, but not near as sore as it was yesterday. I think some gentle walking and resting it and I will get over this. First time in a week I thought that this might actually clear up. It's not perfect, but definitely getting better. 

Which leads me to the real topic of this post. I am over being broken. I have only gone to the gym once this past week because of my leg. I worked in my classroom yesterday for about 5 hours. I did sit for a while talking with my friend, but I was on my feet for easily the last 2 hours. I was cleaning my storeroom. My leg did feel sore, but the main problem was that my feet hurt and legs felt heavy. I did not like this at all. I could hardly walk without pain. I said when my knee was getting better that I would never let this happen again. That I would work to keep myself mobile and pain free as I age. But this calf thing has really driven that home. I do not want to live the rest of my life in pain. I want to be able to move in any way I want to. I will take it easy for the next few days until this is no longer painful. Then I will start in. I am going to absolutely get my 10,000 steps every single day no matter how painful it is. I will also be working out regularly even once school starts. If I can't get to the gym, I will workout at home. I will have to rethink Supernatural, maybe ease back into that slowly. But I am not going to let this happen again. I am done. 

And now I have to get some work done. 

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