19 July 2022


 So last night I got a notice from Blogger that one of my posts had been removed from 12 years ago for violating community standards. Hmmmm....I looked at the post and there was a link in it. I did not click the link but I did remove it. Woke up this morning and the post had been reinstated but another post had been unpublished. Checked that one and sure enough, there's a link. Removed the link and submitted it for review. That post was 15 years old. The email says that the post was reported. I'm curious who is sitting and going through my rambling nonsense for the past 18 years and looking for crap like that. Or do they have a bot that does that? I don't know I just find it odd that out of the blue this starts happening. Oh, well. I can't worry about it. I honestly don't care about links from 12 or 15 years ago and I'll remove them. Whatever. I just think someone needs to get a life if it is a person.

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