04 January 2024

The aborted Mt. Lemmon trip

 So we left for Mt Lemmon on Tuesday. The drive there was nice. We stopped for lunch in Tucson at this really nice place, Union Public House 

They had a nice dog patio and it overlooked this really nice courtyard with a fountain. The food was good and it was nice. 

Then we headed up Mt. Lemmon. Mt. Lemmon stands at 9,718ft elevation and it's a pretty steep, quick climb. It's 25 miles from Tucson and almost straight up. It's a very pretty drive though. 

The cabin we rented was small, really small. The bed was in the kitchen. But it was nice. It also had a small, really small yard for Mavy to hang out in. 

The cabin from the outside. 

Inside the cabin. That's it. 
Mavy's yard

But overall it was good. It was really, really, really cold. I mean really cold. Like 25F cold. It was cold. 

We got up yesterday morning and in trying to decide what to do, we looked at the weather. It said that it was going to start snowing around 11pm last night and continue until around noon today. 

Ummmm. this is not good. We have no snow tires, no 4-wheel drive, no chains, and we would be going downhill. This is not good. So after some discussion and consideration, we decided that we should leave then. We basically had breakfast, packed up and headed out. Also, we discovered there is really nothing to do up there. Well, there is hiking but Hubby doesn't do that, so that's out. So we bailed. I let the people know and they were kind enough to refund $150 which I thought was awesome. So we got home about 1pm yesterday. 

When I got up this morning, I checked the webcam for Mt. Lemmon and found this: 

Trying to drive down the mountain in this would not have been fun, so I'm glad we made the call and came home early. This is a picture of the General Store which we stopped at before we left. 

So that was our trip to Mt. Lemmon. 

I had decided to take yesterday off completely from all things. No school work, no business work, no work of any kind. I decided to just relax. So when we came home, I continued that trend. I watched a little TV, I actually started reading a real book again. I'm about 1/4 of the way through it and I'm going to go read it when I finish here. I decided to just shut down and man did it feel good. I'm going to have to do that occasionally. It is great for my mental health. 

Today I think I'm going to devote to photos and my website. I'm going to finish my to-do list for my website then I'm going to take pictures of everything I have and post it. I need to get this website straightened out and today seems like a good day. 

Okay, I'm off to fire up my fireplace and read my book for a while. 

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