19 February 2024

3-days later

 We painted the parking spots and it was kind of fun. Mine is thrown together literally at the last minute. I was painting my spot to do something else and had a brilliant idea and boom, I went with it. Done. It's not great, but it's done. 

I was so, so tired on Friday. I did not want to go paint spots, I wanted to stay home and lay on the couch. But I did. We stopped at Four Peaks for lunch and I had a beer which led to a nap in the afternoon. That was nice. 

Saturday morning I was up early and in my room making stuff. I've altered the designs on a couple of things and am playing with them. It was a working day all day. Got lots of stuff done. 

Sunday, yesterday, was a little slower. Still did a lot of work, but also spent some quality time on the couch. Hubby went out to lunch with a friend so I had some peace and quiet. 

Did a lot of work on my website this weekend. A. Lot. Got a bunch of items listed and I think it looks good. Still have some stuff to do and I'm going to work on that today. Tomorrow will be devoted to school stuff so today is kind of the last day to work on things. Of course, I may cut things as I work on school work. That can happen. 😅

Today I go back to the gym. It's been 2 weeks. I'm feeling really, really good. So today is the day. I'm going to the 8am class. We shall see how that goes. 

Okay, I'm done with the catch up. Time to get something done. I'm going to clean up in here a bit. 

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