24 February 2024

Doing hard things

 Lots of people stress the importance of doing hard things. They say it builds character and helps you build confidence in yourself. And it is true. I feel like a rockstar when I do something that was hard or big in my mind. When I finally tackle something that has been bothering me. I feel awesome. The problem is that hard things are a moving target and once you do a hard thing, say something you've been avoiding, things like that are no longer hard. For example, I've been avoiding getting my stuff up on Amazon handmade because I have imposters syndrome about the stuff I make. I don't feel I'm good enough and I feel like there are people a whole lot better than me at it. So I dragged my feet and pretended that I didn't know how to do it (I say pretended because Amazon literally walks you through it). When I finally got it up, I did feel like a rockstar. Now I want to list another thing and it's just a oh, well, get it up kind of thing. So now what is the next hard thing I do? 

Anyway, I was thinking about that this morning as I moved my meditation back outside. It was 54F and I decided that was warm enough to meditate outside. It was chilly but completely doable. And I love meditating outside. I love hearing the sounds of the world wake  up. And it was a little hard. Not super hard, but a little hard. But it felt so good that I was all in on it. 

Going to the gym is/was hard too. I have gone 4 days this week. 4 Days!!!!! That is something I have not done in years. YEARS!!!! And it feels really good. My muscles are sore but not painfully so. I feel like I have more energy but that could be in my head. I'm going again this morning and I'm looking forward to it.  So while I'm still at the point where I have to convince myself to go every time, I'm starting to enjoy it and soon it will no longer be hard. It will just be a habit. And then I will have to find another hard thing to tackle as far as my health goes. 

Okay, I think that's it for today. Just some meanderings of a mind in the early hours of a Saturday. 

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