15 June 2024

Time for a bit of a brain dump

 So I've been focusing on my business and I'm trying to get my social media game on point. One thing that almost everyone talks about is content pillars. Content pillars are topics or themes that a brand regularly posts about on social media. These things represent a brand's value and some of what the brand is all about. Some people say you should have 5 content pillars, some say 4, some say 3, whatever. I have not been able to land on content pillars that resonate with me and that I can seem to stick with. So this little brain dump will be me exploring content pillars. 

One of the themes that I did hit on is uniqueness.  I want the products that I sell to be unique and different. The people who would buy my products are looking for something unique and different. They don't want the same old thing mass produced in China. So how could I turn the theme of uniqueness into some social media posts. Well, I could talk about being different and that's okay. I could talk about not following the crowd but going your own way. I could talk about using things in a unique way. So not everything has to tie back to my products, though, it can just be something I post about regularly. Maybe one day a week post about uniqueness. It's easy enough to find unique things happening all over the place. I could make it kind too. Okay, so the first pillar will be uniqueness. 

Now, what can the second pillar be? So one of the pillars I guess can be my products. I want to post about them and so why not make that one of my pillars. Okay, that's pretty easy. 

Okay, one more. I could go for motivational stuff, or funny stuff. Or something I enjoy outside of my work. Like reading! I'm reading a bunch of books recently, and plan to keep that up, so why not talk about the books I'm reading. That would be a great one. I have read some great books and some crappy ones. Always a good topic and people love to talk about their reading. 

Okay, I've got my three pillars: 




I will use these topics to post regularly on my social media pages. I love it. I'm off now to make some posts. 

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