11 June 2024

Time to hit the social media

 Again!!!  I completely stepped away from the whole social media thing. I haven't posted in a very long time and that is not good. I have to get on a schedule and stick to it. 

I've said this before but I really have to stick to it now. I just don't do social media and I hate being forced to do it. But, hating something doesn't make it happen. So let's say that I enjoy it and am looking for unique and amusing ways to do it. I have to make it fun and I have to make it me. That's the only way it will work. 

So, time to dig in. 

I started this post on Monday, 6/10, and it is now Tuesday, 6/11, night. I've spent the day focusing on social media and planning. There was a 2-day bootcamp type thing on social media. I have some more of those videos to watch but I caught some and picked up a few things so that's good. Then I got into another bootcamp style thing on planning. It is all about how to plan, making your planner a habit, making stickers for your planner, things like that. I got a cool digital planner that may work for me. I prefer paper planners but I like digital because it's easy to change. I like the digital planner because it has the week all laid out on one page, so it will be good to put down my appointments and such for the week.  Plus it will be a good place to do a brain dump every week. It has a large to-do list on the side so I can list everything I want to do and figure out the best days to do them and put them in my paper planner. I think could be a good mix of digital and paper and could really help keep me on track. 

Now, these plans are all good and well but the huge problem I have is not checking my planner. Letting it go for days. Weeks. Months. The first thing I need to work on is the habit of planning. One of the videos I watched today talked about habits and how to form them. One of the things they recommend is that starting slow. I need to pick one thing at a time and work on forming that habit. Then I could add another and work on that until it becomes a habit. I can do this. I'm actually going to work on two habits initially. Planning and stretching. The planning is the one I need to work on more, the stretching I need to feel better. 

Okay, time to move to my paper planner and get it set up for tomorrow. 

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