Lazy day...

It was rainy and cloudy today making for a very lazy day. Days like this I like to lay around and read, so I did. But not the new Harry Potter, although I am curious who gets killed so please feel free to email the info. I have no plans on reading the book for the foreseeable future.

I did do my intervals this morning. I tried something new, bodyweight intervals, and boy they kicked my butt. By the time I was done I could have used a portable oxygen concentrator I was breathing so hard. I recovered nicely though.

I also got my grocery shopping done. So except for my morning run, I have no reason to leave the house tomorrow. That will be good if it's raining again. I have to make dog biscuits, do laundry, clean house, I have plenty to do here.

Well, tonight is done. I am almost ready for bed. Want to get up early and go for a long run. Have I mentioned that I love my Garmin???


Anonymous said…
You can now read about the plot on Wikipedia. They even have a chart on who is killed, by whom, when, and how.

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