16 May 2010

Blogging frenzy

That's apparently what happened yesterday. I posted a number of times on all my blogs. After spending days trying to get Flo's Place back up, I guess I had a lot to say.

One of the other things I did do yesterday is post my carrot all over the house. I posted pictures of the treadmill I want along with 15 lbs. in numerous places around the house. Most notably on the refrigerator door. Every time I go near the fridge, sink, freezer, or back door I see it. And every time I see it I say to myself, 15 lbs, that way it doesn't become part of the scenery. I want to make sure that every time I see it it registers in my brain, so I consciously acknowledge it every time. In my workout room the paper has a table so I can chart my weight loss every week and my goal weight. You can't know when you get somewhere unless you know what the destination is.

Okay, looks like it's clearing up so I'm going to shower and get ready to walk the dogs.

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