24 May 2010

What's working

Whenever weight loss is working I try to figure out what it is that's working and how to keep it going. I lost 2 lbs last week and this morning, when I dressed for work, my pants fit better. Hmmmm....So what exactly did I do. Well, I didn't stress over working out. I found a great interval workout and I do it more days than not but if I'm tired I let myself miss a day. I walk the dogs 6 days out of 7. Most importantly though, I've stopped obsessing about food. I have a few rules that I eat by. If I want it I eat it but keep the portion size reasonable. If I'm hungry eat. I don't let the clock tell me when to eat. Some days I don't even have breakfast until 10 am- the horror!!!! I eat until I'm full and stop. I eat whole foods about 90% of the time. I eat processed food but only once in a while and I don't freak out about it when I do. So what's working? I think the loosening up. I'm not such a freak about having to workout or what to eat when. I don't know how this will hold up in the long run, but it's a good thing right now.

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