20 January 2014

Amaze Balls

I am on day 6 of the 45 day paleo challenge. It is going well. Really, really well. The one thing I absolutely love about Paleo, is that if you follow it and don't cheat, you just don't get hungry. I talked about this the other day. I also don't get cravings. It is amazing how once you stop eating crap you stop craving it. The body knows what it is doing if you give it the right fuel. In spite of all that once in a while I want some treat. Sometimes grapes will do it. A common treat for me is plantains fried in coconut oil, OMG, so good. Yesterday as I was at Whole Foods looking for plantains, not everyone sells them, I found the above items. They are dates and unsweetened coconut. That is all. And they are heaven. Sweet, but naturally so, coconutty, which I love. Just awesome. The perfect small, quick treat. Not only are they completely awesome, I can make them. They are so easy to make it is not even funny. And good for you. Holy moly, don't even get me started. So that was my grand discovery of yesterday. These will make the perfect little treat or snack.

My energy is back but I'm waiting for the boost. Usually my energy increases and I end up bouncing off the walls. Waiting for that.

Going to try and find some grass-fed liver today. I really, really want to start taking liver and see how it works. Going to make that a priority today. Other than that, it's Crossfit this morning, cleaning, working on school work, etc. Nothing exciting at all for the holiday.

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