21 February 2016

Seems like it's been ages

since I've been here. Guess so much has been going on that it's time to catch up

So let's see. During the Great Aloha Run, I developed blisters on both big toes. I ended up popping them later that night and had to pop them again the next morning. They were pretty sore the next day so finding shoes to where that didn't rub them was interesting. The next day I was so tired too. Just so freaking tired and my feet were still a little sore. Came home and pretty much just took it easy all night then went to bed early. Wednesday was much better, though I was still tired. I ended up not doing much of anything for the rest of the week. No dog walking. No Crossfit. No walking. No yoga. No more nothing. By Friday I felt like absolute crap. I felt bloated and huge and just ugh. And I ended up giving in to my feelings. I had Starbucks for breakfast and McDonald's for dinner. Yeah, real good. I felt sorry for myself and was ready to throw the towel in. Luckily I woke up yesterday with a renewed spirit and determination. I went to Crossfit, did the ROMWOD before, kicked ass on the WOD and ate pretty well. Not perfect, I was under my calories for the day, but it was much better than Friday. So I am back on track and not ready to throw the towel in at all.

In other news, last Sunday I discovered the Bullet Journal. Now I have actually come across this system before. It struck me as sort of brilliant at the time, but I was still in love with my passion planner and I tried to incorporate the bujo into the passion planner, which did not work too well. Just for the record, I kind of still am in love with my passion planner, I just think that I will be shifting its focus from daily planner to overall planner. When I stumbled on the bullet journal (bujo) last weekend, I also stumbled on this huge community that has taken the bujo to the next level. Here is what the basic bujo looks like:

Now here is what some folks are doing with theirs:

This is what caught my eye. As much as I love my passion planner, it still is not exactly what I want. I need more space each day to write what I want to. I don't necessarily need the times, as most of my day is either structured on its own or I can do things when I get a chance. That is the beauty of the bujo. I can make each day as small or as large as I need it to be. Some days I have a whole lot going on and need to make tons of notes. Other days, nothing happens so I don't need much room. The bujo is adjustable like that. Also, the bujo appeals to me on a number of levels. I can be as creative or as boring as I want to be. I can write. There is something uniquely satisfying about taking pen to paper and writing. I have gotten a collection of pens in all sizes and colors to make my writing interesting. I have put in trackers. I track the habits I want to do daily. I track my housecleaning, or lack thereof. I'm tracking my numbers for my weight loss efforts. I'm tracking my mainland job hunt, getting licensed in 3 states makes for a lot to keep track of. And I can track all these things in a way that works for me. I have been using it for one full week now and I really love it. I love the flexibility and that I'm not locked into one format. I tried one format last week and that didn't work for me, so I'm trying a new format this week. I love that I can start and end my week on any day I choose and not be stuck with what some company decides is when the week ends/begins. And I love that I can get super creative with it if I want to. I really am a very creative person but have been smothering that side of me for a while now. I love that this is opening the flood gates again.

So I am officially in love with my bujo and I hope that it will last a long time. I've been searching for the perfect journal for a long time now and I hope this is it.

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